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Oilfield Service Management Software & Oil and Gas Accounting Software

Success in the oil industry takes more than just buying new oilfield service management software.  Your business is presented with unique challenges; you must adapt overnight to changes in governmental reporting, environmental requirements and volatile commodity prices.

To effectively manage your units, people and jobs, you need an integrated, comprehensive system that enables you to gather, centralize and ultimately analyze the massive amounts of data streaming through your organization.  Such a solution will improve field-worker productivity, enhance customer service, reduce human error and develop true business intelligence based on real-time, accurate information.

Automate Your Field Service Business

If you are looking for solution for field service, Navision, or Microsoft Dynamics NAV as it is now known, is an excellent tool.  A fully integrated oilfield service management software system from Open Door Technology automates your business with features including automated field ticket import, rapid invoice processing and centralized field job information.

Oilfield service management software from Open Door Technology will automate more than just your data transfers; it automates your business practices with real-time connectivity to manage your field dispatching, human resources and safety, payroll, job status and invoicing.

Mobile Solutions for Field Service

Adapt to New Government Guidelines Quickly

Our Oilfield Service Management Software quickly adapts to new government guidelines and industry practices, while reducing operating costs to ultimately improve your bottom line.  With Open Door Technology’s Field Service Navision Automation Software, you get the right solution to run your day-to-day operations and meet the unique demands of the oilfield service industry with a variety of tools to optimize your business.

Whether you’re focusing on estimating, dispatching, job costing, job stages/status, change orders, service contracts or service calls – our Oilfield Service System addresses the needs of your business with:

  • Automated Invoicing – transferring oilfield service tickets and oilfield tour sheets information into your accounting system to accelerate invoicing cycles, easily identify missing data, automate third party charge-backs and quickly generate sales invoices
  • Job Status & Job Costing – providing a comprehensive view of all oilfield service activity to easily determine the status of a job and the job cost for a real-time profitability assessment
  • Integrated Field Tickets  – automating validation checks for duplications and errors with complete digital oilfield ticketing to record, distribute and process field-generated financial and operational data from mobile field systems
  • Automated Payroll & HR Processes – eliminating duplication errors to reduce the time needed to calculate complex payrolls including regular, overtime, subsistence and field bonuses, and to process new oilfield service employee processing
  • Equipment Rental Management integrating oilfield service management of rent/sell inventory, fixed assets/units, rental terms/periods, real-time unit availability, rental history reports and service schedules
  • Integrated Tour Sheets – allowing drillers to download Pason and Chimo tour sheets online and import the results directly to your integrated system, while providing the ability to add new rig employees, report safety incidents, and track equipment usage for preventative maintenance activities

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Open Door Technology has helped mid-sized companies align their business processes and software systems, since 1992, to maximize operational efficiencies and achieve a lasting competitive advantage.

We provide straightforward, pragmatic and practical advice based on experience to deliver real-world, predictable results. Open Door Technology improves workflows, without hidden costs, to completely meet your technology needs.

Our experienced Open Door Technology professionals are personally committed to delivering excellence to our customers through a supportive, innovative and collaborative atmosphere. Our staff will assist you to configure your new system, on time, on budget.

Contact us today, to learn how Open Door Technology can optimize your business with our Complimentary Field Service Management Consultation.

At Open Door Technology, we are dedicated to understanding your business strategy and existing technology in order to deliver a software solution that integrates your systems with your workflows, consistently and cost-effectively.

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