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End Redundancies & Missed Deadlines

In discrete manufacturing, adapting to your customers’ demands quickly and effectively is essential. You must precisely manage orders, inventory and production; all while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies.

Juggling forecasting, operations, customer inquiries and inventory control in multiple systems is an impossible undertaking. Housing data in multiple locations is a hassle and makes manual entry and duplicating work a daily task. End the redundancies and agony over missed deadlines with Discrete Manufacturing Software from Open Door Technology.

Quickly Adapt to Meet New Requirements

Discrete Manufacturing Software from Open Door Technology means you can quickly adapt to meet new requirements with a comprehensive solution that provides endless functionality with: bill of materials, capacity planning, graphical scheduling, version control, order fulfillment and materials requirement planning.

Our Discrete Manufacturing Software helps you streamline processes for efficiency and profitability. With Open Door Technology, you get immediate value from your investment since we implement your solution with little disruption to your discrete manufacturing processes while having a big impact on your bottom line.

Eliminate Shop Floor Inefficiencies

Increase productivity in your warehouse with our Discrete Manufacturing Software. Open Door Technology helps you manage your warehouse operations with real-time reporting and unlimited visibility into your orders, materials, inventory and production.

With our Discrete Manufacturing Solution, eliminate shop floor inefficiencies and increase production with integrated manufacturing and warehousing functionality. Open Door Technology helps you perfect your warehouse layout while maintaining real-time inventory information and manufacturing costing with our Discrete Manufacturing Software.

Open Door Technology saves you time and resources by integrating batches to optimize inventory levels and meet every deadline.

Our Discrete Manufacturing Software also helps you:

  • Give Better Service with Real-Time Access to Customer Orders
  • Seize New Revenue Opportunities with Integrated Systems
  • Improve Capacity Utilization and Inventory Management
  • Accelerate Decision Making through Streamlined Processes
  • Cut Purchase Orders directly from Production Work Orders

Achieve a Lasting Competitive Advantage

Open Door Technology has helped mid-sized companies, since 1992, align their business processes and software systems to maximize operational efficiencies and achieve a lasting competitive advantage.

We provide straightforward, pragmatic and practical advice based on experience to deliver real-world, predictable results. Open Door Technology improves workflows, without hidden costs, to completely meet your technology needs.

Our experienced Open Door Technology professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering and cost accounting. Our staff will assist you to configure your new system, on time, on budget.

Contact us today, to learn how Open Door Technology can optimize your business with our Complimentary Discrete Manufacturing Consultation.

At Open Door Technology, we are dedicated to understanding your business strategy and existing technology in order to deliver a software solution that integrates your systems with your workflows, consistently and cost-effectively.

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