One of the greatest strengths of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the development toolkit. Instead of taking a programming language and trying to create all of the functionality contained in a typical ERP business software system, the original designers created a toolkit that could be used to efficiently and rapidly develop the necessary functionality.

The result was a solution in the year 2000 that contained around 265,000 lines of code, which compared favorably with one of its major competitors who advertised having 22,000,000 lines of code. This was supposed to prove the extensive functionality of the product, but certainly brought up questions as to its reliability and design efficiency.

A typical development maxim is that there is one bug per 1,000 lines of code. Navision, as it was then called, developed an enviable reputation for stability and speed. After Microsoft purchased Navision in 2002, it soon came to realize the efficiencies of its design.

Upgrades to new layers of technology were markedly simple compared to other products on the market and Dynamics NAV grew to become the most popular mid-market package
in the world with over 74,000 users.

A great deal of this success was due to the development toolkit.

So in planning a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation, the project team should take the time through a fit-gap analysis to identify those specific items which will make significant differences to the competitive position of the company, or give it major processing efficiencies. Then a cost justification should be done for each item identified and the critical items added to the project.

Often it is the ability to add these items that was responsible for the selection of Dynamics NAV by the organization
in the first place.

The development speed of the Dynamics NAV toolkit makes these changes possible in a cost-effective manner. The design of the toolkit makes changes easier to process with less risk of instability.

Our company is a certified Microsoft development partner (ISV) and has released a number of add-on products for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product.

Our experienced development staff can cost-effectively configure the NAV system to fit unique business requirements of an organization or even develop entirely new modules, if necessary, to reach market segments. A number of our add-on products are available through the NAV reseller channel in North America.