Most organizations need to bring information forward from their old system. Even if this is only general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items and opening balances, there is still a significant amount of effort involved as most systems include inactive records and transaction types, field-length differences, and process flows that do not always match.

Our experienced staff can assist in
data conversion planning and cleansing.

A change in business software systems is an ideal opportunity to clean out old records that are no longer being used. Entire lines of inventory may no longer be relevant. Your old system may have 20 years of job history. Many customers may no longer be in business. You may have moved on to new supplier. An effective data conversion strategy can give you just the information you really need in your system.

General ledger history is often a question mark. Many companies choose just to bring over one year’s of summary information plus the opening balances. Others want detailed history for a number of years. Some want to make significant changes to their reporting structure, which may necessitate a translation of general ledger codes when the opening transactions or entries are brought in.

Strategies may vary widely according to the database and existing business software system. Legacy systems operating in a Unix or AS/400 environment will present a different challenge than one operating with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Open Door Technology will work with your IT resources to export the required data from the old system.

Regardless of which direction your company intends to head with historical data, Open Door Technology can develop a strategy that works for you.

After analyzing your requirements, we will create individually crafted import templates to use when preparing your data for import. The use of the Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) templates greatly simplifies the import of data and ensures data is properly verified when it is imported into the system.