An area that can create significant risk is the lack of change management. Although not every client requires this service, client staff may suffer significant stress as they move to a new system.

A change management process helps mitigate this problem and may use personality profiles and coaching. Outside experts can be retained to provide coaching in this area. At the very least, the project team needs to identify risks in this area and deal with them.

The people who make the decision to change are often the ones who relish change and it can be easy to forget that not everyone thinks and feels the same way.

A fact of life is that the characteristic that makes most staff very good at addressing detail is the same one that makes change unattractive.

A detail-oriented person typically likes to know exactly how to do their job and does not like uncertainty. Internal project leaders need to spend time reassuring staff that things will be okay once they have their training and get some time with the new software.

This very reason is why training budgets should not be cut to try to save money. Staff need that time with the software to both be effective and to gain the confidence they need to flourish with the change.