Doing it right with Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), Enterprise Mobility, and Dynamics CRM

If you are looking for one of the above solutions or something more specific such as oilfield software, failure to properly identify the business requirements when implementing a new system is typically the biggest reason why projects fail to reach the objectives of on time, on budget, on spec. Without clearly identifying and documenting the requirements in a complex system such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM or Enterprise Mobility, it is almost impossible to control the scope of the project and, as a result, the costs often escalate beyond the original budget.

A proper business process review or BPR…

As these reviews are often called, can provide a functional direction for the implementation project, and an effective method to provide cost assurance and meet required deadlines.

Sometimes smaller organizations with less complex implementations will shorten this process if they are effectively implementing a financial system only, but any business involved in supply chain management, whether in manufacturing or wholesale distribution, should require a BPR to be completed before the project commences.

The BPR will review what the company currently does, whether manual or automated, document those processes, and make recommendations for improvements while identifying possible benefits.

It is not a fit-gap comparison to the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV product. That will come later after the project team agrees on the direction and scope of the project. It does, however, provide the baseline requirements for a fit-gap analysis, which can then be used to determine any required modifications and effect on the budget and timeline.

Although the BPR can be expensive at times, with some BPRs taking two weeks of time for interviews and write-ups, the benefit is that the implementation can be shortened and re-work minimized. The document also details the cost and measurable benefits of any modifications that may be identified so a proper cost-benefit analysis can be performed.