We have found that changes to your workflow don’t have to be earth shattering to be effective.

Ramp up your efficiency in the most simple way: Keyboard shortcuts and filters for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and earlier versions

Utilizing shortcuts and filters for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions such as 2015) will greatly enhance your productivity. Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics NAV cover everything from moving from field to field, refreshing active windows, opening windows, sorting data, and exporting data. Filters allow users to quickly sort data and find related records including number ranges, text that contains data or is case sensitive, as well as combining format expressions.

You can download a copy of all available Dynamics NAV shortcuts and filters by filling out the form below. Pro Tip: We suggest learning one new shortcut or filter a day and you’ll be surprised at how the smallest changes will make a big impact on your productivity.

Watch these short videos highlighting five useful Dynamics NAV shortcuts.

You will see just how easy it is to incorporate a shortcut or filter into your daily routine. You can also view more Dynamics NAV Tips and Tricks videos on our YouTube channel.

Shortcut to Open Role Center in Dynamics NAV

Use Shift + F12 to access your Role Center from any screen in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (version 2016, 2015) instead of selecting Home and then Role Center.

Refresh Active Window in Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV (up to version 2016) use F5 to refresh your active window to see the results of changing the value in a field. It may be underrated, but this shortcut allows you to commit your change to the database without leaving a record or card.

How to Export Data to Excel from Dynamics NAV

This is a useful keyboard shortcut to know when you want to quickly export data into a Excel spreadsheet using CTRL + E after navigating to a list in Dynamics NAV (such as Vendors).

How to Filter Data in Dynamics NAV

The shortcut F3 allows you to select the Type Filter typically, which is used in a list page. F3 will take you to the filter without you having to click on the search bar.

You can use the filter to search for a great number of things including Name, Phone No., Contact, and No. For example, you could choose to filter on a No. with 10000 or for a range such as 10000…30000. You could search for a Name and use keywords, or choose to search for names ending with ies by using the filter *ies.

How to Open About This Page or Report Window in Dynamics NAV

This Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions such as 2015) shortcut allows you to open About This Page or the Report Window with CTRL + ALT + F1. This shortcut is useful when looking up and selecting a vendor to view About This Page, which tells you the page name and number is, table name and number, and what record you’ve selected. As well you can view all the available table field names and ID number.

You can also use this shortcut to get information on a report. Select a report, use the shortcut, and see the report name and number. If you run the report in preview mode you can see the dataset, which is useful when designing or troubleshooting reports.