Dynamics NAV Canada

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manages Inventory

Make your inventory work for you with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an inventory management system flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of your business and give you an edge in the competitive world of wholesale distribution.

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Open Door Technology can help you with the five key processes in the wholesale distribution chain:

  • Sales and order fulfillment
  • Inventory planning and purchasing
  • Storage of inventory and location optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Analysis of inventory levels and performance, and optimization for the future

Powerful inventory and warehousing functionality in Dynamics NAV allows companies to:

  • Improve quoting and sales processes with visibility into inventory profitability
  • Streamline processes by optimizing warehouse space and simplifying picking processes based on inventory moves, real or virtual
  • Improve purchasing efficiency with unlimited access to historical information and trends
  • Utilize warehouses, floating bins, and directed put-away’s and picks
  • Take advantage of configuration options to reduce employee errors and training requirements
  • Analyze trends to determine optimal mix of inventory
  • Utilize a variety of mobile warehousing options to improve warehouse efficiency
  • Track serial numbers, lots, and expiry dates
  • Landed cost capability combine with several costing options including FIFO, Standard, LIFO, Average, and Actual
  • Options for multi-currency, item substitution, cross-references, vendor pricing, flexible customer pricing, and integration to manufacturing and purchasing

If you are looking for a stable ERP system with flexible inventory and warehousing functionality, contact us for more information on how Dynamics NAV can help you with your key processes in the wholesale distribution chain.