Dynamics NAV Canada

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV provides its customers with a discrete manufacturing solution that’s quickly adaptable to meet new requirements

The Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) solution from Dynamics NAV Canada provides comprehensive functionality with bills of materials, capacity planning, graphical scheduling, version control, order fulfillment, and materials requirements planning. The flexibility of the Dynamics NAV application allows us to configure the system to match your unique requirements.

Open Door Technology implementation staff consists of a variety of backgrounds including engineering and cost accounting. Our staff will be able to assist you to configure your new system to best match your manufacturing requirements.

Job Manager for Job Shops

For Engineer to Order and Make to Order environments.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing

For those with more sophisticated manufacturing environments.

Manufacturing Foundation

Manufacturing Foundation provides core production planning capabilities to meet the day-to-day needs of modern small and lower mid-market manufacturing organizations.

Adapt to Take Advantage of New Revenue Opportunities

Manufacturing Foundation adapts Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly Microsoft Navision, to suit the way you work today. A step beyond manual planning, Manufacturing Foundation is designed for the production manager who wants a simple overview of the production process while avoiding the complexity and expense of full Material Resource Planning (MRP).

Provide More Responsive Customer Service

Manufacturing Foundation allows you to constantly adapt your manufacturing methods and processes to reflect changing customer requirements.

You get a clear and accurate overview of your production schedules in Gantt charts. When a customer calls with an extra order, instead of sorting through tables or print outs of various production lines, you can immediately get a clear graphical overview on screen and adapt your schedule to meet the new demand.

Advanced Manufacturing

Takes the capabilities of Manufacturing Foundations and adds supply planning and capacity requirements planning.

Change Manufacturing Methods and Processes Instantly

Manufacturing allows you to instantly change your manufacturing methods and processes, helping you to keep up with changing customer needs. You can modify components and operations on the fly, even on released production orders.

Change Business Processes Easily

With Dynamics NAV Manufacturing, you can readily change your business processes to accommodate changing workload and customer requirements. You can implement realistic plans according to your capacity demands, and you can redefine:

  • Order modifiers and re-order policies as needed
  • Capacity and calendars to optimize shop load
  • Manufacturing policy options to adapt quickly to new projects
  • Redefining setup and queue times on the fly
  • Redefining capacity on the fly
  • Using the send-ahead function to control material flow to the next operation

Design Efficient Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing provides powerful planning tools that give you the freedom to choose the optimum manufacturing process for ultimate profitability.

Speed Up Orders

Manufacturing speeds up orders by providing visibility into all aspects of your manufacturing processes. You can improve efficiency and reduce lead time by:

Gain Greater Visibility of Your Business Processes

Manufacturing helps you quickly identify processes that could be changed to operate more efficiently and profitably. For example, shop floor operations are readily visible to management so you can easily design new processes to produce a positive impact on your bottom line. And, you can respond immediately to emergencies because they are easy to spot, track, and act upon.

You get immediate value from your investment because Dynamics NAV Manufacturing can be implemented with little disruption to your current manufacturing processes.

You can start with a basic implementation and benefit immediately. Then, you can add value with phased software implementation— expanding functionality as your business needs require it.

Effectively Manage your Warehouse and Manufacturing

Another application area of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is Warehousing, which enables you to increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Warehousing works hand in hand with your Manufacturing solution.