Job profitability is the key to success.

Organizations in engineer-to-order or make-to-order have unique business requirements that demand technology solutions specifically designed to meet their special needs and workflow.  With each job or project having a different set of specifications and requirements, job profitability analysis becomes the key element in generating consistent bottom line profits.  Today’s economic and business climate demand that organizations control costs and operate at peak efficiency to remain competitive in a difficult environment.  Technology solutions can be invaluable tools offering a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Astute business owners should analyze outdated legacy systems to determine if there are obvious benefits to the company and a genuine return on investment (ROI) from new generations of software.

For manufacturing shops where each job is unique, tracking profitability on a job by job basis is critical to your business, and managing resources, both internal and external, is a constant struggle, there is another option other than a manufacturing system.  Job Manager, a powerful and easy to use Activity Based Costing Granule, provides an easy way to manage resources, track the status of production jobs, monitor dates, activity cost and material requirements, and manage subcontractor activities within a single integrated system.

In the search for greater productivity, Job Manager allows you to:

  • Gain a full 360 degree view of your company’s production status.
  • Grow revenue with shorter lead times and reliable promise dates that allow for more on-time deliveries and better customer service.
  • Reduce costs by significantly reducing inventories, overtime, expediting fees and time spent updating spreadsheets.
  • Know what your costs are on every job, every minute of the day.
  • Make informed decisions with real time data.
  • Accurately predict “Cost At Completion” with the advanced Job Statistics window.
  • Respond to changes quickly and easily with real-time cost tracking on the Task and Planning Lines.

The robust feature set of Job Manager operating within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most popular and flexible mid-market accounting/ERP system in the world, offers many advantages to its users.

Estimating and Quoting

  • Estimator’s Worksheet for detailed calculations
  • Template for standard product structure
  • Multi-level BOM options


  • Demand based purchasing
  • Buy direct to Jobs
  • Subcontracts and outside processing
  • Open PO visibility on Job Statistics window

Labor Tracking

  • Time collection stations
  • Clock In / Clock Out with shift tracking
  • Web Services option for Shop Floor Time Entry
  • Scanner Interface
  • Capacity Planning
  • Bar Code Scanning


  • Milestone, Cost Plus, Percentage of Completion, T & M and Fixed Fee
  • Earned revenue worksheet Work in Process (WIP)
  • Auto-post WIP
  • Auto-post Recognition
  • Audit Trail
  • Cost Audit Trail