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Reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry with a single ERP system

With the exclusion of payroll, approximately 90 percent of mid-size organizations should operate with one integrated business management system. This can sometimes be more difficult than you would expect as more and more companies in the low to mid-range are requiring the same system capability as much larger entities. It wasn’t all that long ago [...]

Alberta Advantage built on back of high priced oil

Those of us who live in Alberta can sometimes be smug about the “Alberta Advantage”, which we like to attribute to our business acumen and hard work.  While we indeed may have our fair share of those characteristics, watching the peaks and valleys of the industry sector does make me wonder how much of our [...]

Drilling forecast for 2016 is more than grim

In November news, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) released a negative forecast for 2016 that promises a prolonged downturn in the drilling sector.  CAODC projects that only 4,728 wells will be drilled in 2016, which represents a decrease of 58 per cent from 2014.  Many rig companies have already downsized to less [...]

When will oil prices recover

As mentioned in my previous blog post, “Oversupply driving low oil prices, not weak demand”, even though the world economies are relatively healthy, we have a glut of oil on the market and it is not likely we will see an end soon. With prior drops in the oil prices, we have become accustomed to [...]

Oversupply driving low oil prices, not weak demand

It was back in October of 1973 when I was still in high school that the world encountered its first major oil crisis when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) proclaimed an oil embargo. By the end of the embargo in March 1974 oil prices had risen from $3 per [...]

What Dynamics NAV 2016 means for the Oilfield Service Industry

Microsoft’s release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 in October offers exciting new capability for oilfield service organizations. Microsoft continues to invest heavily in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product and have been rewarded to the point where Dynamics NAV is the most popular mid-market system in the world with over 110,000 customers worldwide as of June [...]

Windows 10 Release Promising for Mobile Users

Microsoft releases its highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system amidst skepticism of whether it will allow the company to remain the king of desktops as well as become a real contender in the mobile space. Among other exciting features, Windows 10 boasts of one operating system for any device with universal apps to keep the [...]

Why being part of the Microsoft’s President’s Club is a big deal

We are pleased to announce that Open Door Technology has been included in Microsoft’s 2015 President’s Club. This is an exciting time for us as this achievement is difficult to obtain and one that doesn’t happen every year. It is personally very pleasing to see our staff gain recognition for all of the hard work [...]

New Canadian Data Centers Ensures Cloud Access For All

Microsoft announced last week that commercial cloud services will be available to Canadian customers on new local data centers in Canada coming in 2016. The previous lack of Canadian data centers meant many customers with rigorous data compliance needs were unable to host their data outside of Canada and therefore unable to deploy Azure or [...]

New Vice President of Open Door Technology

Christian Roach now Vice President of Open Door Technology Open Door Technology is pleased to announce that Christian Roach, former Account Manager, has been promoted to Vice President of Open Door Technology effective immediately. “Christian has been a key part of Open Door Technology for more than 17 years. He has grown into an outstanding [...]